Greeting from Lake Harmony Poscard
Dinosaur in Lake Harmony

The land around Lake Harmony is a broad, gently rolling plateau 1600 to 2000 feet above seal level, with peaks at nearly 2300 feet. 500 million years ago a broad sweep of sea extended from Alabama to the Gaspé in eastern Quebec. Tons of soil deposited in the sea as rain, frost and wind action slowly worked the land.

Of the curious marks left on the face of the land, the most spectacular is Split Rock. A massive ledge of course red sandstone that is split by a huge ten-foot gash.  A lookout tower on top of Split Rock is open for climbing today.

Throughout the land surrounding Lake Harmony come the
winds and water which carry and feed our fish, which sustain
the plants upon which our deer, bear and birds live. Wild creatures
take cover, reproduce and add their beauty of color and movement.

Nature lovers will delight in the return of colorful migrating birds and native plants bloom each spring. Long hikes on wooded trails, picnics by the lake, horseback riding, tennis and many outdoor activities give plenty of exercise and relaxation to jaded winter nerves.

Split Rock Resort

The scene was set for the arrival of three glaciers 300 million years ago. Each glacier smoothed the shape of the land as they came and went. They built up the rock deposits gathered on its way south from Gaspé. Warm air melted these gigantic ice sheets and 50,000 years ago the ice finally retreated.

Fishing at Lake Harmony

As days grow longer and the night air is softer, enjoy swimming, rafting, boating and endless outdoor summer sporting activities. Explore Lake Harmony’s water-lily beds, coves in fresh-blowing mountain breezes and relax in the sunshine on the white sandy beaches. Golf courses are sprinkled everywhere within just a short driving distance.

In the Fall, the autumn foliage with its brilliant red, yellows and brown form a colorful background of constantly changing beauty which is unsurpassed in the entire area of the Poconos. The brisk air inspires hiking on endless trails in the surrounding area. Gather around blazing fires at night in the woods or on the beach.

Winter Skiing at Lake Harmony

For the enthusiasts who thrive in stimulating winter cold and snow. Lake Harmony is bookended by two notable ski slopes, Big Boulder and Jack Frost. Here you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and so much more. Come off the slopes and take a dip in a warm, muscle melting hot tub.

This area has become one of the best year-round activity and vacation locations on the East Coast.

Lake Harmony Penant Flag